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Liberal Club In-House Team Dart League

    1. 15 game format of both 501 (8 games) and cricket (7 games).
    2. Format is 2-501, 2-cricket, 1-501. Then 1-501, 2-cricket, 2-501, then 2-cricket, 2-501, 1-cricket.
    3. 2 Players play 5 games against each other then switch with 2 other players who then play the same format. After you switch with the other 2 players you and your opponent are to score the other 2 players 5 games alternatively until the 5 games are complete. Home player scores 7 games, away player scores 8 games. You do this 3 times until all 15 games are complete.

Start Time:
    1. Games to start at 7pm on dates listed on schedule page.
    2. If you cannot make a game on the dates listed on the schedule page, you must contact your opponent and rearrange the game before the final week of the schedule. You must play the rearranged game at The Liberal Club and nowhere else.

On play off night, all players will be seeded to their regular season format. 1 point per game win. A possible 15 points per match. All points are added up and the top seeded player will play the 16th seed player, 2nd seed with play the 15th seed, 3rd will play the 14th seed, etc, etc. Best of 7. Format follows season format of 2-501, 2-cricket, 2-501, 1-cricket.

All games to be scored on Dart Connect.

Starting the game:
    1. The home player has the option to throw first at the bullseye.
    2. Closet to the bullseye throws first game and from there you throw alterative games.
    3. If both players hit a single bull or a double bull you must throw again to determine who throws the game first.
    4. If you have a bounce out the player will throw again.
    5. If your opponent knocks your dart out of the dartboard you both throw again.
    6. If your opponent Robin Hoods your dart the scorer will remove the dart and you will throw it again.
    7. If the first player throws a single or double bull the second thrower has the choice of whether he/she wants it pulled out of the dartboard to have a clearer shot.
    8. The scorer shall determine who is closer to the bullseye. The scorer may not touch the darts to determine the winner. If the scorer is unsure both players have to throw again at the bullseye.

Players Age:
All players must be aged 21 or older as you are in a place that serves alcoholic beverages.

Promoted to a higher or lower division:
All players in any of the divisions can be promoted to the next highest division. "ONLY" if the bottom players of the higher division have lower statistics then yours. This is determined by both your cricket and 501 calculated together to determine who has the higher statistics.

    1. A player must not touch their darts until the scorer and you have agreed on the score.
    2. If the player pulls their darts from the dartboard before the scorer has seen and agreed on the score, the penalty will be a loss of that turns score.
    3. The scorer may tell a player what amount is left, if asked. But, if the scorer is wrong your darts count as is.
    4. It is the players' responsibility to know your own score.

Both feet must be behind the throwline. If your opponents are not, then you can ask your scorer to ask you opponent to stand behind it. If the player on their next throw is in front of the throwline the scorer can ask you to throw again. If the player does it a third time you will forfeit that game.

Statistics & League Standings:
All players' statistics will be on Dart Connect. Plus our website: www.lcdartleague.com/leaguestandings.html

Schedule & Results:
All players' schedules & results will be on website: www.lcdartleague.com/scheduleandresults.html

Tie Breakers
In case of a tie at the end of the season, the following tie breaking methods will be used:
    1. If two players are involved in the tie, then the head to head game they played the player who won will win the league.
    2. If there are more than two players involved in a tie then the winner of the most head to head matches will be the winner and if still tied a coin flip on Dart Connect will determine the final winner.
    3. These rules apply to any tie in any position.


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